Select 2 official website


Create a basic select2 by using data-plugin="select2".


Add multiple to create a multi select2.


You can define placeholder easily by using data-placeholder="Select a State".

Minimum Input

Custom Search, texts input with min length by using data-minimum-input-length="2".


Use disabled to set disabled state.


Add class select2-primary, select2-success, select2-info, select2-waring, select2-danger the element's parent to add color styles.

Bootstrap Select official website


It also works with option groups:

You can also show the tick icon on single select with the show-tick class:

The bootstrap menu arrow can be added with the show-menu-arrow class:


You can set different Bootstrap classes via the data-style attribute:

Multiple Selects

You can limit the number of elements you are allowed to select via the data-max-option attribute. It also works for option groups.

Selected Text Format

Using the data-selected-text-format attribute on a multiple select you can specify how the selection is displayed.

Live Search

You can add a search input by passing data-live-search="true" attribute:

Alternative Title

You can also use the title attribute as an alternative to display when the option is selected:

Option Divider

Add data-divider="true" to an option to turn it into a divider.

Option Icon

Add an icon to an option or optgroup with the data-icon attribute:

Option Subtext

Add subtext to an option or optgroup with the data-subtext attribute:

Bootstrap Tokenfield official website


Disabled tokenfield

With search icon

Validation States

Tokenfield supports all the default validation states from Bootstrap

With input groups

You can limit the number of elements you are allowed to select via the data-max-option attribute. It also works for option groups.


Advanced Usage

Using With Typeahead.

Using Events For complex example.

Tags Input official website

Input Tags

Just add data-role="tagsinput" to your input field to automatically change it to a tags input field.

True Multi Value

Use a <select multiple /> as your input element for a tags input, to gain true multivalue support. Instead of a comma separated string, the values will be set in an array. Existing <option /> elements will automatically be set as tags. This makes it also possible to create tags containing a comma.

Objects as tags

Instead of just adding strings as tags, bind objects to your tags. This makes it possible to set id values in your input field's value, instead of just the tag's text.

Categorizing tags

You can set a fixed css class for your tags, or determine dynamically by provinding a custom function.

Multi-Select official website


Public Methods

Typeahead official website The typeahead autocomplete plugin for Twitter's Bootstrap 3 base on Twitter's typeahead.js.


Bloodhound (Suggestion Engine)



Maxlength Control official website


max-length set to 35.


max-length set to 100.


Use data-plugin="asSpinner" to create a basic spinner,also can extend by data-option .

Default Spinner

Custom Format


Bootstrap Touchspin

Use data-plugin="touchSpin" to create a Bootstrap style spinner,also can extend by data-option .





Create checkbox by adding data-plugin="iCheck", type="checkbox".


Create radio by adding data-plugin="iCheck", type="radio".

Color Options

Add class .icheckbox-primary, .icheckbox-green, .icheckbox-orange, .icheckbox-red, .icheckbox-grey to add colors style.

Toggle Switches official website


Use data-plugin="switchery" and type="checkbox" to create a basic switcher.


Add attr data-color to change colors style.


Add data-size="large" ,data-size="small" to change size.

Clockpicker official website


Use data-plugin="clockpicker" create it.

Auto Colse

Add data-autoclose="true" to open the autoclose.

Jquery Timepicker official website


Use data-plugin="timepicker" create a basic timepicker.


Adding data-min-time, data-max-time, data-show-duration="true" to set the duration.

Reset Current

You can reset current time.

Date Picker official website

Default Datepicker

Add data-plugin="datepicker" to create a default datepicker. use data-multidate="true" to selecting multi dates.

Date Range

Set name="start" and name="end" for date range.



You also can set the datepicker to be inline and flat.

Datepair.Js official website

Add datepair.js file to make datepicker with timepicker be a pair.


Color Picker official website

Simple Mode

Use data-plugin="asColorPicker", data-mode="simple" to make a simple mode colorpicker.

Complex Mode

Add data-mode="complex" to change mode.

Gradient Mode

Add data-mode="gradient" ,then,you can generate CSS3 gradient by the mode.

Slider Range official website

Use data-plugin="asRange" to make a default slider range.Add data-range="true", data-tip=true, change mode or add tooltip...



With Tooltip

Jquery Strength official website

Use data-plugin="strength" to make a password strength validation.

Jquery Knob official website

Use data-plugin="knob" init plugin, and also can set options with attributes 'data-option'.

Disable display input

'cursor' mode

Display previous value

5-digit values, step 1000

Angle offset

Angle offset and arc

Labelauty official website

Add data-plugin="labelauty" to use it.

Labeled Checkbox

Labeled Radio

Non-Labeled Checkbox

Disabled Checked
Disabled Unchecked

Non-Labeled Radio

Disabled Checked
Disabled Unchecked

Card official website

Use data-plugin="card" ,data-target="#card-container" to make it.